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“Naturally, we expected the Olympian in you to transform our Allstate Games to a fun and friendly setting. What we did not expect was that your contests of skill and problem solving would be as challenging and educational as they turned out to be! Your suggestion to include other Olympians to participate in the workshop activities proved to be a success.”

Teresa Castillo-Davis, Project Manager
Allstate Insurance Company

In this miniature version of a multi-event competition, your group will experience
the adrenaline-pumping thrill of competing like an Olympic champion.

The workshop focuses on achieving team-building goals by inspiring individuals
to bond around a shared objective. The teaming approach not only builds individual performance, it has the cumulative result of helping achieve your overall business goals.

Everything about the Awaken the Olympian Within© Team Building Workshop is focused
on results, from breakthrough concepts such as lateral thinking and resource allocation, to competitive incentives that motivate team members to outperform. At the completion of the program, team members are primed for top performance with the confidence of Olympian thinking and behavior.


The Awaken the Olympian Within© Team Building Workshop is a half-day seminar conducted by John Naber, Olympic champion (four gold and one silver, Montreal, 1976) and television and radio sports broadcaster (ABC, NBC, CBS, TBS and ESPN).

This highly interactive and entertaining two-to-four-hour program is based on his book Awaken the Olympian Within. This half-day, hands-on, roll up your sleeves session includes fun and challenging non-athletic competitive events designed to bring out the best in every participant.

Each event reinforces an important business lesson like problem solving, risk-taking, team building and performance under pressure… the stuff of which champions are made. A unique teaming aspect of the workshop ensures that your company will exceed its team building goals.


The workshop begins with a pledge by the participants to compete to win, but to compete according to the rules and the ideals of fair play in pursuit of excellence. This is a fast-paced program with contests occurring every 30 to 45 minutes. Each event begins with a description of the rules, followed immediately by the competition. Once results are tabulated, the group is reminded of the particular business lesson concealed within each game.

A variety of Olympic themed prizes are awarded to the winning teams as well as individual team MVP’s. Each event serves as a reminder of useful and time-tested business skills. Your sales team will learn while they play!

To optimize the benefits of this program, we recommend locally based Olympians to serve as team captains. Olympian captains provide personal and compelling examples of Olympian thinking and behavior.

This workshop can be conducted on the same day as a motivational keynote address by John Naber, or the day following. To view video highlights of the workshop and the keynote address, please visit

Business Objectives
• Achieve team-building goals by bonding individuals around a shared objective
• Motivate your sales team to perform at their best through competitive incentives
• Reinforce critical business skills such as lateral thinking, resource allocation and teamwork
• Provide team members with a stimulating morning or afternoon of activities
• Create a lasting impression of Olympian thinking and behavior

• Teaming: participants will be divided into teams to achieve assigned team building goals
• Workshop Participants: Minimum of 16 to a maximum of 128 individuals (per workshop)
• Teams: four to ten participants per team


If you are looking for a way to reach inside your sales force to ignite their competitive fire, or a way to make your next meeting both educational and fun, now is the time to schedule the Awaken the Olympian Within© Team Building Workshop. You’ll soon see your staff compete like champions.

Now… awaken the Olympian thinking and behavior within your sales team!

Simply select a time and place, and contact John Naber, Naber & Associates, Inc. at 1.800.331.9188 or email




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