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“It’s been a while since the Manulympics came to an end, but I wanted to update you on the long-lasting effect your sales-improvement program has had on our wholesalers. … While we were ambitious at first (our ‘stretch goal’ was for a 20% growth in production), our final production increase was more than 48% for the year, more than double our initial stretch goal! Your program was instrumental in helping us achieve this unprecedented business lift, particularly given the US life insurance market was virtually flat throughout the year. … In fact, the optimism that you generated last year seems to be running into 2004 as well. We plan to keep up the pace and shatter our year-to-year record again this year!”

James Rhodes, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

U.S. Insurance, Manulife Financial

Going for Gold Sales Improvement Program ©

All great Olympic champions have enjoyed the benefit of knowledgeable and inspiring coaches. When your team experiences the same personal relationship with a qualified, committed and motivating performance coach, they will see immediate results in the form of more, improved and longer-lasting sales!

Companies regularly pay thousands of dollars for after dinner motivational speakers who “dine and dash”, but with the Going for Gold Sales Improvement Program© your sales team will enjoy regular weekly personalized contact from one of the top motivators in America.


Through a well crafted, personalized incentive program, each member of your sales force will learn how Olympians think. They will grasp the value of their individual contribution to the overall success of the company and will enjoy the thrill of being “in the hunt” for personal and team recognition. The outcome is a sustainable spike in morale, focused activity, enthusiasm and increased sales for impressive bottom-line results.


The Going for Gold Sales Improvement Program© is a targeted sales incentive campaign designed to educate, motivate, measure and reward the over-achievement of your organization’s sales goals. The program effectively motivates top performers while simultaneously pushing the middle and bottom tier to exceed their personal best. A unique teaming aspect of the program ensures the entire organization benefits from the cross pollinization of great ideas. Top performers share their best practices and habits with the middle- and lower-level performers, elevating everyone’s skills and results.


We design a sales contest based on your specific needs and create supporting program details that generate positive momentum throughout the year. Ideally, the sales improvement program runs for three to six months.


Business Objectives

• Achieve assigned sales goals.
• Educate the sales force on a repeatable process for setting and achieving goals.
• Reward top performers for sharing ‘best practices’ with their peers.
• Establish a common goal-setting language across the organization.
• Create a results-driven culture for your sales organization.

Everybody wins!

Weekly standings keep all parties engaged and focused on actual sales, not just activity. The program is designed to allow every team an equal chance of success and provides a variety of ways for individuals to be singled out as a “top performer.” With "all hands on deck," the company is soon soaring past the stretch goals—into the rarified air of world record performances.


Five-time Olympic medalist John Naber launches the Going for Gold Sales Improvement Program© with an inspiring 60-minute keynote address. Tailored to the client’s specific industry and company culture, the presentation educates the audience on setting and achieving goals. The education continues throughout the three to six month program. Team members participate in monthly telephone conference calls delivering personalized coaching for setting short-term goals and achieving long-term success.


Each month, individualized voicemail and email messages help sales members stay focused and on track. “Gifts with a Purpose” provide additional reinforcement, encouraging high-level achievement at each stage of the program.


To enhance the participant's competitive spirit and sharpen their focus, individual and team sales achievements are calculated and reported on an ongoing basis. A unique teaming aspect measures and encourages top sales performers to mentor the rest of the team to achieve overall organizational success. This measurement of results along with the heightened team spirit sharpens the competitive edge and spikes sales performance.


At the conclusion of the program, recognition is given to the Most Valuable Player, Top Individual Gross Sales Achiever, Top Team Gross Sales Achiever, Most Improved Individual Sales Achievement, and Most Improved Team Sales Achievement.

Hit the ground running in as little as 14 days.

The Going for Gold Sales Improvement Program© is easily implemented and can be tailored to your business plan and existing sales cycles. It can be run on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Now… go for gold!
Sign up for this program and you’ll see how your best is yet to come. Simply set a start date, choose your sales group, name a program leader, and contact John Naber, Naber & Associates, Inc. at 1.800.331.9188 or email



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