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“Naber’s program ingrained in my mind the most important lessons of public speaking success.
Of particular benefit were the “skill drills” that allowed me to practice and demonstrate my growing proficiency in front of a video camera and a live audience.”

Mark Schmaltz, CEO
Spirit Aviation

With powerful and effective communication skills, anyone can create a positive and lasting first impression, win over a large audience, overcome customer resistance and convey intricate ideas in a memorable way. In each case, the bottom-line benefits to the speaker and the speaker’s business are immediate and profitable.

Award Winning Presentation Skills© is a concentrated one-day workshop that teaches business people how to capture their audience’s attention, deliver an effective presentation, and feel confident and in control from the first “ladies and gentlemen” to the final standing ovation.

This 8-hour curriculum was developed by John Naber, Olympic champion, network television announcer and motivational speaker, who has addressed more than 1,000 audiences including many Fortune 100 companies. If your company is looking to develop quality relationships, reach quality prospects, land the big contracts and move ahead of the competition, this program will give you a decisive edge.


Award Winning Presentation Skills© is a program that can turn even the shy presenter into a confident communicator. As with the training of Olympic athletes, your trainer helps each participant master each skill before advancing to the next. As the practical skills become second nature, fears disappear and confidence takes center stage.


Each seminar is limited to 12 participants. The small group size allows for focused and personalized attention. Participants enjoy the chance to practice in front of a video camera as well as a live audience and will retain a tape of their sessions plus a take-home kit filled with information about valuable presentation techniques.


Sessions are designed to address your company’s special needs and can take place at a location of your choosing. Private, individual public speaking coaching sessions are also available.


The Award Winning Presentation Skills© program teaches individuals how to be comfortable and persuasive in front of an audience. At the conclusion of this one-day, 8-hour session, each participant will enjoy these benefits:

Be yourself, and better

Award Winning Presentation Skills© breaks down the steps required to master the art of presenting. Participants learn how to:
• Conquer nervousness and control those butterflies
• Recognize and stop awkward habits
• Find poise and project self-confidence
• Create a positive first impression that has a lasting impact

Communicate with clarity

Award Winning Presentation Skills© instills personal poise, confidence and command in several critical areas:
• Organizing thoughts clearly and concisely
• Simplifying complex ideas to ensure understanding
• Using audio-visuals to enhance the presentation
• Controlling the Q&A session

Fascinate your audience

How do the pros do it with such ease and grace? Participants learn the secrets:
• The hidden value of storytelling
• The power of the appropriate pause
• Engaging the audience with humor to drive home the message
• Moving seamlessly from point A to point Z, without getting lost in your notes

Perform under pressure

Award Winning Presentation Skills© brings out the best in every participant when the message matters most. Participants learn how to:
Look and sound at ease in any situation
Answer difficult questions with confidence and conviction
Communicate an important or intricate concept
Direct the thinking of a tough audience to gain their attention and trust

Be at your best when the message matters most!

Why risk letting any of your staff members stand before a difficult audience without giving them the tools to succeed? Your corporate message deserves the finest messenger possible.


Set a start date, select the participating members of your staff, and contact John Naber,
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