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“Your talk motivated the troops and came at a very opportune time in our business. After 9/11 and coming off three years of a bear market, it was important for our wholesalers to hear how they need to set new goals and work towards achieving them. You presented a clear plan on how to execute a business plan, and I will personally be doing some things differently going into 2004.”

James H. Ruff, President

The Gold Medal Process© Keynote Address is a proven way to fire up your staff and see results. Delivered by Olympic champion and network sports television announcer John Naber, this 60-minute program will educate the audience on how to set effective goals and achieve them. This presentation is tailored specifically to your corporate needs, industry language and company culture.

John Naber clearly articulates Olympian thinking (goal oriented, problem solving and focused) and how
it can relate to your sales team members. Using Olympic anecdotes to make his points, John Naber’s
eight-step Gold Medal Process© keynote has taught audiences the Olympian secrets of visualization,
goal-setting, strategic thinking, hard work, problem solving and performing under pressure.


What drives business people to high levels of achievement? There’s nothing quite as effective as an experienced coach who has a track record of creating winners. In this rarified category, John Naber stands alone as a corporate coach and motivator. A five-time Olympic medal winner (four gold and one silver), John knows what it takes to go beyond expectations. His inspiring presence and engaging message can energize your staff and optimize your business results.

John Naber’s ascent to Olympic fame was no accident. It came about because of hard work and a commitment to a disciplined schedule of physical training and mental preparedness. Now the concepts that drove him to success can help business people achieve results beyond their expectations.

Following his Olympic fame, John Naber worked for network and cable television, covering more than 30 Olympic sports and eight Olympic Games. He has worked as a Master of Ceremonies, keynote speaker, seminar leader, panelist, moderator and after dinner speaker. He has captivated small audiences of 20 and packed arenas of 50,000. Through his media and motivational speaking career, Naber has addressed over 1,000 audiences, including many of the Fortune 100 companies.


Using Olympic anecdotes to make his points, John presents his eight-step Gold Medal Process© for realizing dreams. With his down-home humor and infectious spirit, John recounts Olympic stories of discipline, dedication, sacrifice and teamwork, as well as behind-the-scenes stories of athletes and their accomplishments.

In a fast-moving, entertaining and thought-provoking hour, John Naber reveals the method that Olympians from all sports, genders and eras have used to make their personal dreams come true. Your group of managers, customers, trade associates or sales professionals will come away with a step-by-step game plan and a renewed commitment to their personal and business goals, where a measurable result is the only gold medal that counts.

A master presenter, John creates vivid and easily grasped comparisons between the world of sports and the challenging arena of modern business. John works one on one with each client in advance to personalize the presentation and make sure his remarks are targeted, effective and entertaining.

His humorous and thought-provoking “gold medal delivery” leaves a lasting impact. Listening to John’s dynamic presentation, anyone can feel like going for the gold. When he brings his Olympic video footage and an actual Olympic torch, even the most jaded of members in the audience get caught up in the “Five Ring Fever.”

To leverage the value of the keynote address, combine it with John Naber’s other highly successful programs. This motivational, entertaining, and educational program is an ideal complement to the Going for Gold Sales Improvement Program© and the Awaken the Olympian Within© Team Building Workshop. To view video highlights of the keynote address, please visit

The next time your team is assembled for a 60-minute pep-talk, why not do more than entertain them?

The Gold Medal Process© Keynote Address will give your sales team the real take-home value of an Olympic champion’s regimen for success. Instead of just hearing how someone else accomplished great results, your team can enjoy similar gold medal results as well! Rewards come naturally to you and your company the moment your team begins thinking and acting like Olympic champions. Why wait?

Put John Naber’s Olympic secrets to work for you—right away!

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